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Bespoke Services Designed to
Meet Your Real Estate Needs


Explore Brian Liberto’s upfront consultation packages, designed to start conversations that ignite your real estate vision. Whether you’re a potential buyer, seller, or simply curious about the market, these packages provide a strategic foundation tailored to your unique circumstances and ambitions.

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Real Estate Advisory Services: Option 1
Property Assessment
& Value-Add Option

Even if you're not ready to buy or sell just yet, you can still ensure you're at the peak of your real estate game with our Property Assessment & Value-Add Options package.


This comprehensive service suite is designed to provide a detailed analysis of your current or potential property's value, and explore the potential value-add options that are available to you. In addition, you'll gain exclusive access to our network of top-tier professionals including designers, architects, legal counsel, and tax advisors.


Our package includes everything from tax strategy consultations and portfolio ROI reviews to practical advice on remodeling, selling, and financing options.


We're here to support you in understanding your property's potential and making informed decisions that will optimise your investment.

Package may include:

  • In-depth discussion about the current property and/or finding new properties

  • Comprehensive analysis of the property's value and potential value-add options

  • Tax strategy consultation and review of the portfolio's ROI

  • Introduction to designers, architects, legal counsel, and tax advisors

  • Advisory service for value-add opportunities, providing approximate budget for options

  • Assessment of possible equity position after remodel

  • Aid in deciding whether to remodel or sell the property

  • Discussion of all construction lending options

  • Options to pay for remodel out of escrow, upfront or via loan

Real Estate Advisory Services: Option 2
Project Management

Our Project Kickstart & Management package is designed to help you navigate the initial stages of your real estate project with ease and confidence.


We start by conducting interviews to hire all the required professionals, taking this time-consuming task off your plate. From there, we manage the process of obtaining a conditional use permit, ensuring all the paperwork is in order and filed on time.


To keep you in the loop, we provide regular, bi-weekly status reports, so you're always informed about your project's progress.


Finally, we offer budget management services and review of costs incurred, giving you a clear, organized view of your financial commitments.


Our goal is to streamline the start of your project and set you on a path towards a successful completion.

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  • Interview and hire all professionals required to start the project

  • Project management to obtain conditional use permit

  • Regular, bi-weekly status reports on the project's progress

  • Budget management and review of costs incurred

Real Estate Advisory Services: Option 3
Full Service

Opt for our Comprehensive Real Estate Solution, a powerful blend of property assessment, project management, and buy/sell assistance.


This all-inclusive package propels your real estate journey, whether you're selling, buying or optimizing your property.


If you choose to list with us, we'll even deduct the package cost from our sales commission. Simplified, efficient and tailored to you, we make real estate easy.

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